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Lebe Stark

EMERALD - 24 KG Super Flow Kettlebell

EMERALD - 24 KG Super Flow Kettlebell

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EMERALD - 24KG (53lbs) Super Flow Competition Kettlebell

Emerald is an advanced evergreen weight for Men who have mastered the fundamentals of kettlebell training. Only the strongest women out there who are willing to profit from the powerful benefits she provides can take her for a spin. 

Engage in a powerful experience in your kettlebell training with our very own Super Flow KettlebelLS. The hollow core single cast built grants an intuitive peak experience called "Super Flow" that can't be matched by other types of kettlebells.

Super Flow is a unique, advantageous, and efficient flow state that can only be achieved with our hollow core competition kettlebell.

Because of the weight displacement towards the handle, our hollow core Kettlebell is proximal to the hip in the backswing and therefore closer to the COM* of the human body.

This enables more excellent performance and higher efficiency, especially in the Swing, Clean, Snatch & Jerk (or in the realm of ballistics).

Experiencing an ideal arch of momentum increases the practitioner's confidence, enjoyment, and safety for better results.

Get a massive return on your investment and enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Easily distinguishable through vibrant color coding
  • Weight displacement towards the handle and proximal to your center of mass
  • Hollow core single cast built
  • An intuitive flow-state peak experience in the Swing, Clean, Snatch & Jerk
  • Increased level of confidence, enjoyment, and safety
  • The increased motivation leads to better results
  • High-quality finish thanks to premium production
  • Bonus: 2 months of Lebe Stark Premium for FREE
  • Bonus: FREE international shipping
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Hollow core simple cast kettlebells enable a "Super Flow" feeling when engaging in ballistic exercises such as the Swing, Clean, Snatch & Jerk.


The kettlebell window specs allow for a proper and compact hand insertion; allowing the weight to sit perfectly on your body frame.


Standardardised sizing of our LS Kettlebell makes it easier to learn exercises safely and gradually increase the weight with up to 2KG increments.


We offer free shipping on all orders.


Our Membership offers you access to 100+ kettlebell workouts, skill courses and live coaching... but the best bit? If you buy one of our kettlebells, you'll get 2 months FOR FREE.